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Miss Lavery & Mrs Devonport’s Class Blog

We are very ‘Enterprising’!

This week it is our Christmas fair, come along on Thursday 1st of December – 5.30 to 7pm. Come to Miss Adair’s class and have some fun we will have lots to do for you to do like games and items to sell. See if you can spot the ‘wee’ elf?

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Come and hop on the Polar Express!

  All aboard the Polar Express! This week in Miss Adair’s class we have been learning about the Polar Express. On Monday 22nd November we did a mini carousel. Writing about what features would make a good story here are examples of our work. We picked key language features and asked the class to write examples around […]

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Visit from our Chair of Governors

This morning our Chair of Governors, Mr Moore, visited the school.  He spent time in each classroom looking at how our Guided Reading and Maths work. Mr Moore discussed with the class about ICT and how we now use this he said, “We started talking about Guided reading and it was fantastic at how excited every […]

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Guess what day it is?

It is Children In Need day did you guess? We have come in non-school uniform for £1 this year, last year we raised £241.40. That’s from naughty tuck and by wearing non-school uniform. Some people came in dressed in dots, some in uniform and some in random clothes. Comment below – why do you think this was […]

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Are you the next Shakespeare?

In our English lessons this week we have been looking at different style of poetry.  We have looked at writing imagining as if we were an object.  Does anyone out there know what that is called? Here is an example of one poem, from Amelia in our class. Day in the life of me. I […]

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Let’s write our own poem…

Anyone can add a line.  Look at our previous post.  Can you add your own line to our poem?  Or if you wish write a verse.   I saw a jolly shopping centre, Full of jolly shoppers, Bustling, buying lots of jolly gifts, Here come the jolly ‘Coppers’!    

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What we have been learning in English today?

Today in English we have been learning about poems such as “I Saw A Jolly Hunter”. Also some people have written a poem, based on this style. Here’s an example.  Can you guess what Ella was really trying to say in her poem?    

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Weekend task!

Over the weekend – do at least ONE kind thing for someone at home or during the weekend.  It could be picking something up, holding a door open or just smiling at a stranger. Be safe. Write below what your kind act was. PS – You can do more than one!  

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Miss Adair’s Parents Evening Nov 2016

It is our parent’s evening tonight.  We have asked those who visit us to comment on our blog as they come and go.  After your visit tonight, what comment would you  like to make back to the class?  

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If you could tell your folks one thing at Parents Evening what would it be…

If you were the teacher and you could tell your folks ONE thing about you in school, what would it be?

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Miss Lavery & Mrs Devonport's Class Blog

Hello! Welcome to Miss Lavery and Mrs Devonport’s class.  We are Y5/6.

Our PE days are Fridays, where we currently swim –  however it is useful to have your PE kit in school all of the time.

We are trying hard to read as much as we can, learn our spellings, battle superheroes and rock the TT!

Keep an eye on our blog for updates!