The JLT (Junior Leadership Team), met today and we discussed the following:

Would you like to get some inside information of todays JLT meeting?

In todays meeting we discussed many items, including PARENTS EVENING.

Next week on Wednesday 9th November we will be holding a parents evening. If you would like to come and see your child’s / children’s work then come and see us at 4:00pm-7:30pm. We will have several members of the JLT ready to welcome you and show you to where you would like to go in the school.

We’ve also spoke to Mr Gibbs say about more/ different clubs such as: A Drama club and a foreign language club etc.

We as a JLT, would like to note that your child/ children should be wearing appropriate and sensible school uniform. So no high heels, no jewellery (only studded earrings), black school shoes and plain hair accessories.  Also don’t forget your school PE kits, no football kits please.  If you need to look our uniform policy is on our website.

If you have an idea of another club please comment down below and inform us of your new idea.

Thank you.

From the Head Girl: Caitlin

(Many thanks to Amelia for typing up today’s minutes.)