In our last Friday Collective Worship today we had a Christingle service in the hall. As we are a religious school we made Christingle’s.  Christingle’s are a Church tradition made in the time of Advent, and today we were also  visited by Mrs Ann Turner who told us tale’s from the Bible (Last Testament). We all sung Silent Night, as a Carol is to be sung when the Christingles are lit.

A Christingle is made up of an Orange (To represent the world), a piece of ribbon or tape (To represent the blood and love of Jesus), a candle (To represent  the light of Jesus) and  sweets (To represent the four seasons).


It is also National Christmas Jumper Day and to help those less fortunate at this time of year we asked you to bring in a food donation. Stella’s is a local food bank,she will make the food and give it people who can’t make it them self or don’t have a home to cook in.  Stella works alongside the charity of Streetsafe in Derby.


Thankyou for everyone for their true Christmas Spirit today!   Pics to follow