Congratulations to our year six children who have performed above the national average in both Reading and Maths in the 2017 SATs.

As a staff we are unbelievably proud of the achievements of our Year 6 children – they are children, they are not a test result.  Their individual achievements as young personalities and citizens are our proudest achievement; our pride in their smiles, confidence, honesty and determination to be who they want to be is the only result we really need.  We will report these results, but as a school whose nurture and ‘Be Statements’ are at its fore-front, also acknowledge pride in your child as a whole.  To them – Thank you for being you!

2017 End of Key Stage 2 Assessments Results

Each child represents: 2.22% (2017); 2.43% (2016)

Subject Mundy Result


National Average reported (2017)
Reading 78%


Writing 87%


Maths 80%


SPAG 71%


Combined Reading Writing and Maths 67%