In our Maths this week, we are becoming entrepreneurs. Our task is to create a theme park on the moon. We must design it, create a budget for it, work out sales, calculate profit and loss and finally present this in front of Lord Sugar’s associates, to decide who gets planning permission.

Our teams are:

CCER: Ruby LH, Carson, Cadyn and Erin.

JRCF: Jack M, Ruby B, Flynn and Cayleb.

IJBJ: James, Ben, Jack CL and Izzy B.

WDHH: Daisey, Holly, Will and Harvey.

4 Star: Edwin, Dan, Mia-Grace and Joe.

Team NASA: Jack S, Poppy, Jenna and Max.

Themepark Masters: Maddie, Tamzin, Robyn and Jack S.

AMA: Makenzie, Amelia and Aoife.

We will keep you updated on our theme parks planning.

On Friday you decide, would you go rollercoastering on the moon?

Miss Brown’s Class.