In todays English lesson, we have been looking at Flanders Field by John McCrae 1915.

Hampton adapted the poem and turned these into cinquain poems.

These poems follow a pattern of 2 syllables, 4 syllables, 6 syllables, 8 syllables and 2 syllables. This forms the shape of a diamond.

Here are a few examples from the class.


Black, red and green,

The sun goes up and down,

As the soldiers are lost and found,

In Fields.

By Jack M.


Days back,

We are the dead,

We lived, felt dawn in sun,

Loved and were loved, and now we lie,

In fields.

By Will S.


Between crosses,

Mark a place in the sky,

The larks still bravely singing fly,


By Poppy.



Grow in a row,

They mark our place in the sky,

The lark still bravely, singing, fly,


By Joe M



Rest with honour,

Poppies seep through the grave,

The troops lie together at last,

Live on.

By Robyn.

We hope you enjoyed our remembrance cinquains.

Thank you.

Miss Brown’s class.