This week’s Magic Moments (Week Ending 12th April) are presented below, well done to all the children that have been chosen this week;

Mrs Devonport’s class
Pupil: Dylan
For… being safe – Dylan thought about the whole Mundy Junior family; by making sure everyone wore their jackets to the church.

Mr Betts’ class
Pupil: Micah
For… Being determined. After showing great determination in Sport, Micah has started to show the same work ethic in the classroom, keep it up and be a superstar!

Miss Brown’s class
Pupil: Erin

For… an extraordinary piece of writing. Erin’s writing was so descriptive that it transported you into the story. Keep up the excellent work.

Our Lunchtime Team
Pupil: Will
For… being respectful to our school property. Will helped the other children in putting lunchtime equipment away safely. Thank you Will. (Recommended by Sam R & Ollie I.)

Mr Wainwright’s class
Pupil: Jack
For… being so determined with his spellings, giving up his break and some lunchtimes to practice. This has resulted in his passing of 42 sets of spellings this term! What a fabulous achievement Jack – well done and good luck with Detective spellings next!

Miss Lavery & Mrs Taylor’s class
Pupil: Ezri
For… being determined with her work on World War II rationing – it was difficult but Ezri didn’t give up! She should be proud of her responsible behaviour!

Mr Frost’s class
Pupil: Kendall, Elizabeth, Erika & Darcie
For… safely and immediately following an urgent instruction to return or proceed to the pavement quickly, allowing an on-coming emergency ambulance through to continue it’s journey to help someone else. Outstanding, responsible behaviour from these girls.