During our English lessons we have been researching the History of Heanor. The children have compiled the following information on our Town.

Do you know when the first car was driven in Heanor and who owned it?

In 1886 by Dr Turnton. We think it was a Rolls Royce.

How much did food cost back when you were a child?

Freddos; 5p

Butchers; 4 pork chops for 5 shillings

Bread Loaf; 10p at Sainsburys

2lb sugar; 1 shilling

Meat joint; 10 shillings

1 pint of milk; 6p

Eggs; 16p

Pick ‘n’ mix; 1p

Crisps; 18p

Were there any shops in Heanor that no longer exist, if so what were they?

Woolworths, Elijah Burrows Saddlery, Cosy Cinema, Hunters Fish Shop, Jacksons Butchers, Lukers Chip Shop, Cresswells, Gateway, Partners, Argos, Co-op, Somerfields, Heanor Hll Colliery, Cosy Market, Maypole, Ethel Austins, Greggs, Rowell’s Drapers 1910-2007.

Were there any schools in Heanor that are no longer here?

Old Mundy Junior school 1891 – 2005, Heanor Grammar School 1912, Old College.

What was the first shop built in Heanor?

Rowell’s Drapers 1910-2007, Colliery.

What was the first school built in Heanor?

Old Mundy Junior school 1891 – 2005.

Do you know of any Heanor dialect?

Cappin – Missing School

ClackFart – Tell tale

Gi us a gleg – Give us a hand

Nesh – cold

Dob im in – report him

Ey Up Me Duck – Hello

Aahdo – not a clue

Fuddle – Small Party

Was the transport in Heanor different when you were younger?

There were trolley buses and not many cars. Two train stations including 1 at Heanor Gate. Trams from Nottingham. Midland Railway was closed in 1926.

How long were the Heanor mines open?

123 years.

Were there any buildings in Heanor that no longer exist?

Empire Cinema, Morleys, Heanor Hospital and the old Post Office, Picture Palace, Cozy Market, Crown Pub, Derby College, Sweet Shop and two train stations.

How long have we had a Market Place?

We have had the Market Place for 129 years. In 1867, the Church building was replaced.

Can you remember any old Heanor Town players?

Nigel Clough (Former Professional Player, Professional Manager), Nigel Pearson (Former Professional Player, Professional Manager), Sam Jones (Current Professional Player), Tommy Capel (Former Professional Player), Kevin Hector (Former Professional Player.)

Which is the longest running shop in Heanor?

Rowell’s Drapers.

Please comment below with any other history or information about Heanor that you may know.

Mr Betts’ Class.