This week’s Magic Moments (Week Ending 10th May) are presented below, well done to all the children that have been chosen this week;

Mrs Devonport’s class
Pupil: Jennifer
For… completing a staggering 501 CGP page books during the lead up to the SATs.

Mr Betts’ class
Pupil: Amelia
For… Working hard and contributing in all lessons. This girl is always happy, smiling and working hard all the time. Keep up the positivity and hard work.

Miss Brown’s class
Pupil: Amelia

For… superb work in her Maths this week. Amelia has worked extremely hard when converting fractions to decimals and she has flown through her work. Well done!

Mr Wainwright’s class
Pupil: Oscar
For… being so determined with his maths yesterday. It was noticed that he pushed himself beyond what was expected in the lesson. This is a fabulous attitude to have to reap rewards in your learning! Keep it up and well done!

Miss Lavery & Mrs Taylor’s class
Pupil: Reegan
For… being caring and responsible. Miss Brown noticed that Reegan was picking up litter from the playground and putting it in the bing – even though it wasn’t his! Well done Reegan!

Mr Frost’s class
Pupil: Ashleigh
For… being determined, especially in Maths and English. She always wants to try something more challenging and never gives up. Well done!