This week’s Magic Moments (Week Ending 17th May) are presented below, well done to all the children that have been chosen this week;

Mrs Devonport’s class
For… Being Determined & Prepared! They have all worked so hard this week and are all shining stars!

Mr Betts’ class
Pupil: Max
For… being proud. This child has been working hard in our art lessons, producing lovely pieces of work. He has been so proud that he always asks to go and show his Mum his art book.

Miss Brown’s class
Pupil: Aoife
For… being determined and being a little trooper. Aoife has been extremely helpful this week and this has been greatly appreciated.

Our Lunchtime Team
Pupil: Gavin
For… being caring, kind and helpful. If Gavin is nearby and sees a MDS doing a little job, he always offers to help. He is particulary good at sorting out the equipment baskets. Thank you, Gavin.

Mr Wainwright’s class
For… being determined. This young lady has been spotted displaying super amounts of determination and patience during cross stitch club. Well done for using your ‘bee statements’ after school too!

Miss Lavery & Mrs Taylor’s class
Pupil: Lily
For… excellent speaking and listening skills. Lily spoke clearly and audibly and made eye contact with her audience when presenting her rainforest poster to the class.

Mr Frost’s class
Pupil: Sam
For… being inquisitive and determined during lesson times. He always wants to know more and is consistently asking questions. Keep it up.