Week 2 (30th March – 3rd April)

As promised, we have sent you the new Y56 Home Learning optional timetable for week 2, plus all the other resources needed. Please remember, we stress that this is a suggestion only – we are aware that some parents may prefer a more flexible approach, so a range of learning links can still be found on the class blog page. 

This is completely your choice – we are simply providing options for everyone.

For those who would prefer a more structured day, we are suggesting the following:  

  • The suggested timetable follows a pattern of a full day at school – this is of course your choice to follow and is again only a guide. Timings are at your discretion – this is merely a suggested guide.  
  • Whilst many households may be able to work on-line, we appreciate that this may not always be possible – you may wish to print out some or all of the on-line materials in advance, if this option is available to you. 
  • A further idea is to ask your child to keep an ongoing diary or journal to reflect how they are feeling at this very ‘unusual’ time.   This could also be a record of what activities they are doing at home to follow our ‘Be’ Statements e.g. – helping with the gardening to ‘Be’ caring and to ‘Be’ polite.
  • You are always welcome to send teachers updates on what you have been up to at home – we would love to hear, but there is no obligation for you to do this. 

Thank you again and please stay safe.

Many thanks again from everyone at Mundy CE Juniors