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Mrs Christie’s Class Blog

Historical Heanor

During our English lessons we have been researching the History of Heanor. The children have compiled the following information on our Town. Do you know when the first car was driven in Heanor and who owned it? In 1886 by Dr Turnton. We think it was a Rolls Royce. How much did food cost back […]

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Superb Stonehenge!

This week in our Topic lesson we learnt all about Stonehenge. We discussed all the possible reasons why Stonehenge might have been built, we even got the opportunity to create our own mini Stonehenge out of play dough. Next, we had a class debate about how Stonehenge got there, why it is there, and what […]

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Exotic English!

Today in our English lesson we went around in a carousel. We used our sense (see, taste, touch, small and hear), to experience exotic fruits and fruit juices, as well as examining shells, sand and different crustaceans. This allowed us to come up with adjectives, which then enabled us to create our own similes. Here […]

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Sparkling, Stone Age!

The class has accomplished making clay stone age jewellery as well as painting them in brown, red, green, orange and black (Which were colours mainly used by people from the stone age). Over the next few weeks we shall thread our beads onto leather string, this will either take form as a necklace or bracelet. […]

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Great Gymnastics

Some of our children have been having great gymnastic lessons using our fantastic equipment in the hall. “We loved working on the cool apparatus!” – Robyn & Mia :) Miss Brown’s Class

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Flanders Fields Cinquain

In todays English lesson, we have been looking at Flanders Field by John McCrae 1915. Hampton adapted the poem and turned these into cinquain poems. These poems follow a pattern of 2 syllables, 4 syllables, 6 syllables, 8 syllables and 2 syllables. This forms the shape of a diamond. Here are a few examples from […]

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Marvellous Maths!

Maths This Week! This week in Maths we have been doing decimals. We have done subtracting and adding 0.1, 0.01 and 0.001. Here are some quotes form the class:  Will- It was easy.  Jack C-L – It was fun.  Jack S- It was fun and I learnt a lot If you took away 0.1 you […]

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Magnificent Maths!

In our Maths this week, we are becoming entrepreneurs. Our task is to create a theme park on the moon. We must design it, create a budget for it, work out sales, calculate profit and loss and finally present this in front of Lord Sugar’s associates, to decide who gets planning permission. Our teams are: […]

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Mouldy Microorganism!

This week in our Science lesson we learnt all about microorganisms. We discussed, viruses, fungi’s and bacteria’s. We are now conducting a week long experiment using four pieces of bread. We will have these slices displayed in our classroom all week, in order for the children to investigate how much mould has grown on them. […]

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Learning with Lego!

This morning during our English lesson, we were learning all about verbal instructions. We used Lego to demonstrate how to give verbal instructions. One person would build a model using Lego, then without their partner seeing it they must give them instructions on how to build an identical model. The class really enjoyed taking part […]

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Mrs Christie's Class Blog

Hello. This is Mrs Christie’s class page. Here you will find information about our topics and other useful details.

This term our topic is Great Britain.


Our PE days are Friday and Wednesday but please make sure that your PE kit is in school every day as we there may be other sporting opportunities you will need to change for.

Please also remember to read regularly and to practice your spellings and times tables. These will help you to success in our Super Spelling and Super Hero challenges!

Thank you!

Mrs Christie