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Mr Betts’ Class Blog

Air Resistance Experiment

In class this week we have been looking at air resistance. We were given the challenge of making the most effective parachutes. We had the choice of materials to use in the making process (plastic, tissue paper and fabric) we had to make a decision on which to use and explained our choices and hypothesis. […]

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Board of Maths?

No! Bored is something that our year 5 and 6 children have not been recently, as we have been creating our very own board games in maths. Inventing these games has been great fun but also very challenging. We have had to come up with a style of game that we like, think of rules […]

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Unusual Pets

Hi, I am in yr6 and this blog is all about unusual pets! Fennec foxesFoxes usually make bad pets, but the fennec fox are excellent pets. They are smaller than a cat yet they are very smart. They are easy to house train and very playful. Although they need lots of exercise they pose no […]

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Y6’s solve murder!

On the 26th September, the Year 6’s embarked on a mission at Heanor Gate Science College to solve the murder of Lord Pi. Part of our detective briefing was to inform us of the 4 suspects, based on evidence from the scene. Using this evidence, we had to use our math, science and English skills […]

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The Dog Blog

Hi, I’m in Year 6 and I have a big passion for dogs. I have two dogs myself: they are extremely cute and fluffy! Every time I update this blog I’ll be focusing on a different topic. Today, I’ll be telling you some barking mad dog facts! Dogs are as smart as a 2-year old […]

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Year 5 Bikeability

After their previous attempt was rained off the remainder of Year 5’s were able to complete their Bikeability Course. The course was split in to 3 parts; Cycling on the Playground and Learning safety and maneuvers, Cycling on Lockton Avenue with an introduction to cars on the road; Cycling on a nearby Housing estate with […]

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Historical Heanor

During our English lessons we have been researching the History of Heanor. The children have compiled the following information on our Town. Do you know when the first car was driven in Heanor and who owned it? In 1886 by Dr Turnton. We think it was a Rolls Royce. How much did food cost back […]

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Mini Stonehenge

This week in our Topic lesson we learnt all about Stonehenge. We discussed all the possible reasons why Stonehenge might have been built, we even got the opportunity to create our own mini Stonehenge out of play dough. “It took 500 men to lift 30 tonnes of stone including 100 men to place the rocks.” […]

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Our Year 5’s in Mr Betts’ Class took part in ‘Bikeability’ this week. ‘Bikeability’ is a full day course of the ins and outs of Bike safety on the road. The children took part in practical and theory sessions and impressively all of them passed the ‘Bikeability’ Program.

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Incredible Inheritance

This week in science we have been learning about the characteristics that we inherit from our parents. We learnt that we inherit characteristics like eye colour from our parents. We also found that humans share some characteristics with monkeys. “We really enjoyed the lesson, I found out I got blue eyes from my parents.” – […]

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