We have been working really hard and are looking forward to the assessment for our 6th Green Flag in July 2018.





We have been an ECO school since 2008 and  gained  our 5th Green Flag in July 2016.

This year we are being assessed for our 6th Flag.

At Mundy Junior’s we have an open door policy. You are always welcome to look round our school grounds; we, ECO C.A.T.s would gladly give you a tour and show you our sustainable school.

As an Eco school we get to do lots of interesting things. We measure our energy and look at ways to improve the schools sustainability and efficiency and help to reduce the schools carbon footprint.

We look at the school environment as well as our local and global communites by –

  • How what we are learning fits into local & international issues.
  • Making links with our community other pupils, parents, and teachers. TAs, governors and local businesses.
  • Improve the grounds around school, playground, gardens, resources to help play and the curriculum, increasing biodiversity and making sure that areas are litter free.
  • Raising awareness of reducing the amount resources consumed and considering investing in greener products wherever possible.
  • Offering everyone the opportunity to: work in saving resources in a small way, leading projects, join in debate, and consider the lives of other children in other areas of the world and how we can all make a difference.