School Parliament

Our 2018/19 School Parliament have now been shuffled and re-appointed!  They are now ready to carry out their mission – TO BE THE VOICE OF CHILDREN AT MUNDY JUNIOR SCHOOL.

We are the School Parliament and we are the ‘voice’ of the children here at Mundy Junior School. We were voted for by our classmates and meet every week as a team to discuss key aspects of our school. We have these meetings with our school’s SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and discuss our thoughts, feelings and recommendations.

Who are we?

The Parliament members (DURING 2018/19 ARE):

Prime Minister – Emily

Deputy Prime Minister – Ruby

Faith Minister – Finlay

Sports Minister – Aoife

Education  Minister – CJ

Safeguarding Minister – Leah

Charity/Community Minister – Kiera

Creative Arts Minister – Lily

Health and Well-Being Minister – Macie-Mae

Friendship Minister – Isabella

Finance Minister – Grace

Environmental Minister – Robyn


(..oh and Mrs Devonport & Miss Brown!)




Key events this term that we are involved in:

  • Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Parents Curriculum Evening
  • Our visions and Values Meeting
  • Harvest


What are we up to this year at Mundy Junior School?

The School Parliament, Governors and SLT meet a lot. When we do we discuss what the key priorities are for us at Mundy Junior School.

In English we are concentrating this year on our Reading skills—we are trying to encourage all our classmates to read more and more at home with you!

In Math’s we are concentrating on making sure we know all of our calculations (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) and using these to solve problems.

In our Computing work we continue to work hard to use our laptops and iPads in as many lessons that make sense, and using these well.

In our everyday classwork we continue to concentrate on our ’Be’ statements — as School Parliament we try hard to be great role models for everyone at Mundy Junior School.


Coming soon to a School Parliament near you..

We meet every week and we are always talking to our classmates, class teachers and other friends across school about what we could to continue to improve Mundy Junior School.

In our next newsletter we hope to bring to you what DIFFERENCE we have made to our school so far. Thank you for reading :)