Each week the staff choose a child from their class and around the school to be placed in our ‘Mundy’s Magic Moments’ Golden book. The Golden book is in our entrance area next to our school trophies so please come along and have a closer look.

This week’s Magic Moments (Week Ending 6th December) are presented below, well done to all the children that have been chosen this week;

Mrs Devonport’s and Miss Lavery’s class
Pupil: CJ
For… being happy and trustworthy. Darcie worked hard during a very challenging maths lesson- she got it! She is a genius.

Mr Betts’ class
Pupil: Ezri
For… always brightening our classroom with her happy smile. She always enters the room with a big smile and joyfully says hello everyday. It brightens up the dark winter days.

Mrs Christie’s class
Pupil: The whole Class
For… showing a caring and compassionate side at swimming last week when a young girl became overwhelmed by the amount of children in the changing rooms. They all stood to the side silently to let her walk past. Thank you.

Our Lunchtime Team

Mr Wainwright’s class
Pupil: Maizie
For… showing determination in her work and for being so helpful at the Christmas fair last night. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!

Mrs White’s and Mrs Taylor’s class
Pupil: Sydney
For… being polite, happy and always ready to learn. Sydney can always be relied upon to make the right choices and do the right thing. She is a fantastic role model for the school.

Mr Frost’s class
Pupil: Jenson
For… his outstanding determination yesterday when making our wreathes. He worked so hard that he had time to start helping others in our class. Thank you!

Our Eco-Cats
Pupil: Izzy
For… helping to recycle. She helped to put crisp packets in the crisp bin and encouraged others to do the same.