Each week the staff choose a child from their class and around the school to be placed in our ‘Mundy’s Magic Moments’ Golden book. The Golden book is in our entrance area next to our school trophies so please come along and have a closer look.

This week’s Magic Moments (Week Ending 4th October) are presented below, well done to all the children that have been chosen this week;

Mrs Devonport’s and Miss Lavery’s class
Pupil: Henry
For… thinking of others. He kindly put the rest of the class before himself.

Mr Betts’ class
Pupil: Kyan
For… Being Caring. When this person learnt that another member of our clashed damaged an item they had made, he offered to use his own time to make them a new one.

Mrs Christie’s class

Our Lunchtime Team
Pupil: Angel
For… being a wonderful and kind girl. It has been so lovely watching you be so helpful to others. Keep it up.

Mr Wainwright’s class
Pupil: Rose
For… always being so polite and respectful. You always think about other people and the way you speak with them. Keep setting this fine example, thank you!

Mrs White’s and Mrs Taylor’s class
Pupil: Bella
For… being determined. Bella tried extremely hard with her extended writing, she persevered and wrote a super story opening.

Mr Frost’s class
Pupil: Tyler
For… his determination. This week across all of our lessons he has worked independently a lot this week and has been impressing both me and Mrs Warne. Well done!