Global Community Links:

Florica Rostas

Florica lives in a village called Tileagd in Romania and if it had not been for a friend of mine, Steve Woodward I would never have heard of her. Steve was the first headteacher I worked for in Derbyshire and that was genuinely in another century! We have kept in touch over the years and when Steve retired he became actively involved with the Christian charity Smiles. When we moved in to our brand new school in 2005 Steve told me of how he was helping to support a community in Romania which had no state funding for education. Smiles began by using temporary buildings and supplying teachers. The positive response and the need for even a basic education meant that almost as soon as they began they were overwhelmed by the needs of the children. Smiles embarked on a mission to raise enough money to build an actual school which could cater for the children of the community who all lived in impoverished and improvised shelters. At Mundy Junior School we recognised that we were so fortunate to have fantastic school facilities and so we joined with many other schools across the country to help. We pledged to raise a £1,000 which we achieved and were therefore part of the story that enabled Tileagd to have a school which enabled the children to receive an education.

In September 2009 by way of a thank you Smiles arranged for a group of the Romanian children to visit the UK. They toured the schools that had supported the building of their school, performing a wide range of traditional songs and dances. It made for a fantastic start to the term and the children who were in the audience that day will always remember the lasting impression they made. What remained with me was their sheer joy at us giving them bananas as a snack following their exertions. Steve later explained that they would almost certainly never or at least very rarely have ever eaten a banana. Something we take totally for granted.

DSCI0049 DSCI0052


Following the visit I spoke to Steve about how the school was progressing. He explained that ongoing support was through sponsoring the children who attended the school. The money raised would help towards the cost of books and equipment. So for the past five years we have sponsored Florica and followed her progress.

Florica is now in secondary school and like our children at Mundy she has very good attendance and also rarely misses the after-school additional homework sessions that Smiles supports financially. We support the Smiles charity with our donations which are made specifically on Florica’s behalf. Florica loves competitive games but tends to show more enthusiasm for those activities rather than reading and writing which she finds challenging. Florica shows a flair for the creative subjects and she loves designing, drawing and painting.

Glasses to Africa through SpecSavers Scheme

We collect spent glasses that are sent to Africa for re-use.  Helping the children to recycle and assist those who are less fortunate than us.

Rags 2 School

Here we make clothing collections within school and Rags2School collect them to distribute the unwanted items to help families abroad.

ECO Schools – Keep Britain Tidy environmental ownership in Schools

This is  global, national and local work that we undertake that looks at the  consequences of environmental impact,  teaching our children about how we are custodians of our world and the actions that we take and their impact on the world around us.

Local Community Links

Heanor Vision. We have links to this local organisation to help our local community, it takes the form of consultation and presentation as well as involving ourselves in their projects such as the Young Entrepreneurs Competition and the Photographic Competition.

HLTC – Heanor Loscoe Town Council. We have regular dialogue with our local council, through presenting our ideas and projects and asking for support as well as involving the local Councillors in the work that we do both in and out of school.

Community Fair – We often attend the local Community Fair to advertise our latest project or sell items from activities that we have and are going to hold. We see this as a business opportunity and a shop window to help raise funds for our school.

WI – we present to the WI on an annual basis about our Horticultural show as well as presenting about our community gardens and inviting them to help judge the horticultural show. We also ask them to provide refreshments on occasions when we have a public activity.

St Lawrence Church – We are affiliated to St Lawrence Church and have a very close relationship with the PCC and members of the church. We are always invited to all the major festivals and activities and many of our children attend the holiday club that we hold on our premises and the Sunday School called C@Stle, as well as Light Parties, Pancake Parties, Nativities etc. please see St Lawrence’s website for more details on their activities.

Amber Valley – CIDs (Christians in Derbyshire) – CIDs have been involved with Mundy Junior School for a number of years. they provide both assemblies, a weekly club as well as Easter Workshops. They provide a wonderful Christian resource for our children, in a fun atmosphere.

Horticultural Show and Heanor in Bloom

Our  Annual Show is on the community list of ‘must do events’, attracting over 1,000 people a year. It is the  most amazing fun filled and community inspiring day. For more details please see our dedicated tab under ‘Learning’ where you can see all our photos from last year and our newest brochure will be available soon.

Amber Valley Borough Council

We have an annual competition to produce the designs for the memorial park garden and AVBC assist us in our Heanor in Bloom Project where the children distribute all the flowers from our Horticultural Show into the town to help brighten it up and give the children a sense of pride in their community.

David Neiper

Our children enter the David Neiper competition which is one of the few remaining manufacturing companies left in the Amber Valley. The competition entails the children entering hand made recycled garments along with several other local schools and a visit to the factory where the children have an opportunity to see how the garments are made.

Matthew Walkers

Matthew Walkers our local and famous Christmas Pudding Factory come to school and have an annual fun day with the children baking and making all sorts of Christmas Puddings. It is a great way of engaging our children with their local community.

Heanor Gate Science College

As our local feeder school we have a great deal of engagement with Heanor Gate Science College, these entail sporting events, social events, quizzes, activity days and holiday clubs.

Mr Andrew Dakin

Andrew Dakin not only is a governor at our school but he is a local Farmer (and celebrity! – just have a look at our Horticultural Show page). Andrew is one of our biggest advocates in the wider community  and brings a unique dimension to our school in this dwindling livelihood. Our children have access to an environment that is alien to most of our families and draws attention to the importance of this highly important aspect of our food and economic cycle.

Shipley Park

Our children spend some very happy times at our beautiful Shipley Park. They make use of these facilities for Forest Schools, walks, nature expeditions, activities and educational opportunities. We are blessed to have such a wonderful resource on our doorstep which again broadens the childrens experiences and gives them a sense of pride in their community.

Over 50’s Forum

The children regularly attend the Over 50’s Forum to sing to the members during the year. We invite the members to all our major events such as the Horticultural Show and Armistice Days.


We are beginning to work and encourage links with our local youth group Blend, with a particular project called Stepping Stones we are working collaboratively on Year 6 transition into secondary education as well as bridging the gap for holidays and evenings.