First and foremost we follow our Christian values very seriously, we follow God’s rules and the teachings of Jesus as a Church of England school through our whole school ‘ Be’ Statements to show and know what our behaviour should be.  We try hard to –

-Be Caring

-Be Happy

-Be Determined

-Be Safe

-Be Proud

-Be Trustworthy

-Be Polite

-Be Respectful

-Be Responsible

-Be Prepared

We use a positive approach to discipline with the emphasis on children being responsible for their actions. We also feel that a partnership with parents is necessary to achieve the school aim of developing well-mannered, responsible, caring members of society.

At the beginning of each year, each teacher will discuss a set of rules for their class based on the following school expectations;  We treat, with respect, other people’s property, personal space and feelings, We move safely around the school, We try to do our best at everything, We show good manners to everyone.

The emphasis in school is on encouraging and rewarding good behaviour through our ‘Be’ Statements. To this end we have a system of rewards. Both excellent work and behaviour are 12 recognised by the issuing of ‘Visas’ and badges. The head teacher also rewards good behaviour and work through issuing head teacher rewards. It would be unrealistic for us to expect children’s behaviour to be perfect all of the time. As a school, we are very successful at ensuring a positive approach to behaviour, which minimizes problems. All classes have their own instant, positive reward systems that work alongside our ‘Be’ Statements. All the adults at Mundy Junior School treat the children with respect; this shows the children how they should conduct themselves. The children are also clear about the consequences for inappropriate behaviour. Loss of rewards in class is one possible outcome. More serious or repeated poor behaviour can result in the involvement of senior staff, the missing of a playtime or removal from the classroom for a specified time. When we have concerns parents are contacted and involved in working with the school to promote an improvement in behaviour.

We are always looking at ways to improve the quality and effectiveness of our approach to behaviour. We are convinced that motivation is the key to success and we are always endeavouring to adapt our approach to make it even more positive and encouraging. If pupils seriously misbehave they can be excluded from school for a period of time dependant on the severity of the misdemeanor. At this point, to avoid an official exclusion it may suffice for the exclusion to take place at lunchtime. If this does not result in an improvement in behaviour a formal exclusion would be the next step. The Headteacher, who would discuss the situation with the parents, would make such a decision.

We are a happy caring school who seek to motivate and gain respect from our children in order to prevent any behaviour problems occurring!