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Pupil Premium Grant Expenditure

Report to Parents 2016-17

Pupil Premium – This statement needs to be considered alongside our Pupil Premium Policy which provides more detail.

Mundy Church of England Junior School recognise that the money we receive known as a pupil premium has a significant part to play in supporting the whole child’s well-being, personal development and ability to be successful in their school life. It is our fundamental belief that by ensuring that our children’s emotional and physical needs are catered for enables us to promote our children’s happiness, leading to the creation of more resilient and engaged learners.

We do this in a number of ways. Our breakfast club for instance is free of charge to all and was created because we recognised that a number of our children came to school hungry. Currently 30% of our Pupil Premium children attend breakfast club. We run nurture groups to support children’s emotional development and after school clubs all aimed at providing a quality of care and additional opportunities which add further layers to our curriculum.

All of the above supports our aim of ensuring that our children are eager, emotionally equipped and ready to learn. As our Teaching Assistants have ongoing training which enables them to provide quality teaching support they are also adept at leading interventions for children who are not on track to fulfil their academic potential.

In terms of academic outcomes for our ‘disadvantaged’ children we have a significant track record of narrowing the gap between our vulnerable groups and others within school. Our RAISEONLINE 2015 data illustrates this trend very clearly. It shows that our children designated as disadvantaged children in mathematics, writing and reading attain significantly better outcomes and achieve significantly greater progress than disadvantaged children nationally. Their performance also clearly equates with the rest of the children at Mundy Junior School, therefore narrowing the gap to a negligible degree.

Unfortunately 2016 data from SATs outcomes has appeared to be unreliable, not reflecting the internal data for the school. We have included the most recent data, which is January 2017.

Measuring the impact

SLT,Teaching Staff and Teaching Assistants.

Staff use a system of overview analysis using the data from our tracking system and ongoing assessment data (undertaken half-termly). TAs have a specific child who they monitor progress through their intervention groups who are PPG in order to quantify effectiveness of intervention and desired outcomes, results are fed back to teaching staff and SLT for review.

The Senior Leadership Team are responsible for implementing this policy. They will ensure that all staff are aware of their responsibilities in narrowing the gaps of our pupils. They will also ensure that staff are given appropriate support and relevant professional development opportunities to accelerate pupil’s progress and attainment. Narrowing the gaps in attainment is a priority area of focus for the school.


It will be the responsibility of the Head to ensure that the following information is provided for governors via the teaching and learning committee:

  • the progress made towards narrowing the gap, by year group, for disadvantaged pupils
  • an outline of the provision and any changes that have been made since the last report
  • an evaluation of the cost effectiveness, in terms of the progress made by the pupils receiving a particular provision, when compared with other forms of support the headteacher has day to day responsibility for coordinating the implementation of this policy and monitoring outcomes. The Headteacher has expert and informed knowledge of evidence based research of ‘what works’ and ‘how’ this works in narrowing the gaps. He knows how to customise this research to fit the needs of our pupils and school context.
  • The School Business Manager will monitor the use of the Pupil Premium on a termly basis to track the allocation and use of Pupil Premium funding. She will also check to see that it is providing value for money.


Our governing body has an important role in ensuring our school complies with legislation and that this policy, along with its specific stated actions for narrowing the gaps is implemented.

The Chair governor with Pupil Premium responsibility is responsible for ensuring the implementation of this policy.


Our governing body will at least termly, keep our work in narrowing the gaps under review so that they can monitor the use of the Pupil Premium. In monitoring and evaluating the work of the school in relation to the Pupil Premium, the governing body will take into account a range of information, including quantitative (data on progress and attainment) and qualitative (case studies, views, surveys etc.) data as evidence of impact.


At the end of the academic year, our Governors will ensure that there is an annual statement to parents on how the Pupil Premium funding has been used to address the issue of narrowing the gaps in our school and the impact this has had.


Pupil premium strategy statement Mundy Junior School 2016-2017


To download our Pupil Premium Policy please click PUPIL PREMIUM