Mundy Junior School first opened its doors on the 2nd of November 1891 with Queen Victoria still on the throne and Mr Henry Dix as the first headteacher. It was known as Mundy Street Boys’ School and as the name implies was single sex and located where Mundy Street meets Godfrey Street. The original school cost £32,000 to build which was a fortune at the time and possibly compares with £2.4 million it cost to build the current school on Lockton Avenue which opened in September 2005. If you look at the inscription on the stone which marks its creation you will notice the initials C.E.L.C. and A.E.M.M. These are the initials of the two men who funded the school. Claude Evelyn Lacey Corfield was the Rector of Heanor from 1885 until 1911. Alfred Edward Miller Mundy was the Squire of Shipley Hall the outline ruins of which can still be seen on top of the hill in Shipley Park.

It wasn’t until 1958 when the school combined with Loscoe Road Girls’ School as they left their William Howitt site to become part of Mundy Junior Mixed School that the ‘modern’ era of Mundy Junior School begins.


Mr Henry Dix November 1891 – 1915

Mr Frank Boam 1923 – 1943

Mr Leonard Smith – 1943 – 1970

Mr Ian Ottewell 1970 – Christmas 1993

Mr Brian Allsopp Christmas 1993 – end of Summer Term 1995

Mr Kelvin Gibbs 1997 – 2005 (Original site) September 2005 – present, Lockton Avenue site