The review process will evaluate the impact and quality of the support and interventions. This will be done through:

· Discussions between members of staff involved with child.

· Discussions with the SENCO

· Meetings and discussions held with parents. (These will be carried out termly, although additional meetings will be held if deemed appropriate)

· Discussions held with the child.

· Assessments carried out where applicable.

· Discussions held with any outside agencies that may be involved. These may also carry out their own assessment.

· For formal annual reviews of EHCPs pupils contribute their voice in a style and format most suited to their age and aptitude.

If the child is deemed by all to be making progress within the above cycle of assess, plan, do, review with this additional and different support/intervention then the above cycle will be continued and tailored to meet the individual needs of the child.

To find out how Mundy Junior School children are involved in extra-curricular Sport please read our Sport Premium and Sport Blog pages.

Special educational provision required to meet some children’s needs cannot reasonably be provided from within the normal resources here at Mundy Junior School, therefore, where this is deemed to be the case we will gather all the information required by the LA to request additional GRIP funding or an assessment of educational, health and care needs (EHCP). When applying for an EHCP, part of the formal application is for families to outline their short and long term aspirations for their child. The SENCo will discuss this process with parents before an application is completed.