Sport Premium Funding

Mundy Junior School mission statement for PE, School Sport and Physical Activity;

Our aim is to provide a full and meaningful breadth of opportunities in P.E., School Sport and Physical Activity to all of our children.

As a school we are determined to make this happen by implementing the following objectives;

  • Opportunities through School Sport.
  • Access to a high quality and diverse P.E. curriculum.
  • Physical Activity will be done through extra-curricular sporting activities.

In 2017/18 78% of Mundy Junior School children represented the school in at least one of the 41 sporting events the school entered. These comprised of 38 competitions, 2 platforms (non-competitive) and 1 festival (multi-sports, non-competitive).

It is an amazing testimony to our children that 78% represented the school at a sporting event during the 2017/18 academic year (compared with 77% in 2016/17). 38% of the children represented the school in 3 or more Sporting events (which equates to 1 per term on average) and was credited as “incredible” by Phil Basterfield, the then head of the Amber Valley School Sport Partnership.

We entered 41 sporting events across 18 sports in 2017/18 which included 38 competitions (3 by Qualification, 2 Platforms (non-competitive) and 1 Festival (non-competitive, multi sports).

Sports Premium money is spent effectively leading to outstanding results in competitions across a variety of sports and outstanding levels of participation with 78% of pupils participating across 40 sporting events and high quality physical activity taking place in school every day across high quality and diverse P.E. lessons, extra-curricular sports clubs and lunch time activities.

We were crowned Heanor Champions in 3 out of the 11 Sporting Disciplines at Heanor level in 2017/18. There are 8 schools in Heanor.

We were crowned Amber Valley Champions in 5 out of 25 Sporting Disciplines at Amber Valley Level in 2017/18. There are 45 schools in Amber Valley.

In County Competitions our Sports Hall (Indoor) Athletics team finished 2nd in the County! Our 5-a-side Football team finished Joint 5th in the County. There are 350 schools in the County so to finish in these positions is a remarkable achievement especially for a school of our size.

We have always recognised the importance of Physical Education, Sport and the provision of a wide range of extra-curricular sporting activites. Our aim is to involve as many children as possible in as many quality activities as we can. We are totally committed as a school to the promotion of sport for all of our children, at all levels of ability. Mundy Junior School has embraced the opportunities presented by the Sports Premium money available and how we utilise that money is detailed below but more important is the philosophy behind it. The success we have already enjoyed in engaging children is down to a whole school ethos, it is about the children taking a pride in themselves and their school. Self-belief, drive and a determination to challenge themselves, try new things and to improve, goes beyond sport to all areas of their lives. Wanting to represent the school is a huge motivational factor for our children and we have been creative and focused in how we have supported our children in achieving this aim. Of course this aspiration has benefits  in terms of tackling childhood obesity but it is the sense of purpose and desire to acquire new skills and hone existing ones which is key. Physical Health and Mental Health are of course intrinsically linked and we recognise that the quality of our provision has a significant impact on the lives of our children.

Schools are allocated Sport Premium funding from the DfE and must spend the funding to improve the quality of the PE and sport activities they offer their pupils, but they are free to choose the best way of using the money.

Here at Mundy Junior School we received £17,870 for the financial year 2018/2019 and we have budgeted to provide the following from our funding:

Mundy Junior School allocate a budget of £11,000 to Amber Valley School Sport Partnership (AVSSP) for the comprehensive AVSSP coaching and Extended Services Package, this comprises of a high quality Sports Teacher for two days per week for the full academic year. The school also allocates £1200 to support coordination of competition organisation and training.

The Package we received from AVSSP is as follows:

  • £8000 Sport Premium has been delegated to every school plus £5 per pupil head (£8900 2016/2017)
  • Cross party commitment has been made to secure this funding until 2020.
  • This delegation of funds to schools has given Mundy Junior School the autonomy to implement high quality sport and PE education in the school setting.
  • The quality of our PE provision in our school has continued to improve year on year this is monitored and evidenced through rigorous quality assurance. But also by the increase in pupil engagement and the school’s engagement with competitions which have resulted in very successful outcomes.
  • The school has recently been awarded the ‘School Games Gold Award’ which has a set criteria and standard that we had to meet ie; our competition attendance, the number of children accessing competitions and extended schools, providing a breakfast club, our engagement with the community and our success at engaging hard to reach children.
  • The school has a PE Curriculum Lead (Mr Betts) and two sports’ coordinators (Mr Hutchinson and Mrs Knighton). Our Sports’ Teacher from AVSSP is Mr Start who is a qualified teacher and PE Specialist.
  • The cost to the school for the provision is £12,200 the funding received by school equates to £8,900, the shortfall of £3,300 is met through the school’s own budget and reflects our commitment.
  • Mr Start works closely with Mr Betts in the production and execution of lesson plans and Ofsted ready evidence folders.
  • All coaching and PE lessons are in line with national and Ofsted standards.
  • Mr Start works alongside teaching and support staff modelling good practice.
  • CPD is undertaken and offered.
  • The school has a process of electing Young Sports Leaders within school promoting engagement, responsibility and lifelong learning.
  • AVSSP provide the school with Sports Leaders from our feeder Senior School, which is aspirational to our pupils as well as a good transition model.

As part of our package AVSSP also provides:

  • After School Clubs
  • Satellite Clubs
  • Holiday Clubs
  • Competitions (78% of our children took part in a competition last academic year 2017/18 – we are looking to continue to increase this in 2018/2019)

The service is supported by:

  • Mark Ozenbrook – SSP Development Manager
  • Sue Pacey – Finance and Admin
  • Rob Shaw – School Sport Partnership Officer
  • PLTs (Primary Link Teachers)
  • Apprentices
  • Sports Leaders

The governors at Mundy Junior School have spent some time analysing Sport Premium Funding and its impact, some of the key discussion points were:

  • Governors felt that the service was making a difference to children’s lives it was not just about sport, but evidence shows a wider range of benefits ie improved pupil attendance, attitudes and attainment. We also feel that pupils and parents benefit from increased opportunities. This in turn benefits the school as a consequence of pupils engagement we are teaching more motivated pupils who achieve more and the school community benefits from a greater access to services
  • 78% (2017/18) of children attending a Sports competition, platform or festival was key to the success of the programme and demonstrates Value for Money. This compares favourably with 2013/14, when at the inception of Sport Premium the participation figure was at 46%. Whilst we don’t have precise figures prior to that year we have estimated that it would have been around 20%.
  • The links with previous pupils is also key to generating aspiration in the children within our school as they are good role models
  • Our more vulnerable children as well as those with disabilities have had opportunities to achieve within a competition environment, creating positive experiences which are key to breaking down barriers to learning by boosting self-confidence.

Year 6 Cohort Swimming Date 2018/19

How many pupils within their year 6 cohort can do each of the following?: 

  • Swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres; 53% 
    • use a range of strokes effectively; 85%
  • perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations; 42%