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Mundy C of E VC Junior School

‘Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do’
1 Corinthians 16:14

School Parliament and Pupil Voice

A message from our Prime Minister.........

Hi, I'm Lily, the Prime Minister of Mundy CE Junior School. My role in the school is to help lead the school parliament and help make decisions that will help the school. I was chosen as Prime Minister in a vote at the end of the last year by my peers and began my role at the beginning of this year. I am extremely thankful for my role as it was something I have wanted to achieve since my first year at Mundy school.

Here are some of the quotes from the children at Mundy CE Junior School about life here at Mundy ...


"It is good here because you learn and can choose dinners or packed lunches."

"We have smiley teachers."

"This school is the best school ever!"

"The Teachers are nice and caring."

"The school playground is very good and big."

"School is a good space and it is a wonderful school.  Be happy!"

"School is fun and the learning is fun."

"The gardens are pretty and beautiful."

"This is the best school you could ever have."

"The Teachers are the funniest Teachers in the world, and I think everyone wants to go to this school."

"It is the best school in the world."

"The school is beautiful; I love this school."

"We have fun and we are safe!"

"People like Breakfast club."

"People are friendly, and love everything, it is a great school."

"Swimming is really fun."

"Everybody is welcome at this school."

"I like the Maths and the Sports.  The staff are helpful and we have nice Parliament members."

"I like the tyres."

"Everybody comes into school with a smile."

"Everybody is friendly."

"I love this school because everybody is friends."


"The members of staff throughout our school are kind and supportive."

"The fun games we play including Gagaball!"

"Our teachers are kind and caring."

"I like how everyone is kind, caring, friendly and supportive."

"I enjoy our funny Friday Collective Worships."

"I really enjoy my classes with my kind friends and teachers."

"We do fun activities in PE!"

"My favourite lesson is Maths because we learn about fun shapes."


Words we think about when we talk about our school...

* learn    * food     * fun    * lessons    *eco-friendly   * you can talk to people   * field   * things to do outside  * the bees   * lots of after school clubs   * a silly school   * magic moments   * football   * basketball   * computers   *  sports  * books  





Be Responsible: "Arise! For this matter is your responsibility, but we will be with you; be courageous and act." Ezra 10:4


Be Respectful: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Matthew 7.12



With a new term, comes a new election and a new parliament. We've reduced the number of roles this year to allow children more of a chance to bring their own individuality to the positions. 


We are the School Parliament and we are the ‘voice’ of the children here at Mundy Junior School. We were voted for by our classmates and meet every week as a team to discuss key aspects of our school. We have these meetings with our school’s SLT (Senior Leadership Team) and discuss our thoughts, feelings and recommendations.


The School Parliament meets frequently to agree an agenda for that term and future projects. 


 The agenda for Autumn 2023: 

  - The school parliament has been approached by Heanor Town Council if they would be interested in some benches from the current Heanor square rejuvenation programme. 

  - To create a friendship area in the school playground with games. 

 - To make a mosaic that includes the school parliament.  

Key events that we are involved in:


  • Macmillan Coffee Morning
  • Parents Curriculum Evening
  • Our Visions and Values Meeting
  • Harvest
  • Parent's Open Evenings
  • Visitor walk arounds


What are we up to at Mundy CE Junior School?


The School Parliament, Governors and SLT meet a lot. When we do we discuss what the key priorities are for us at Mundy Junior School.


In English we are concentrating this year on using our library!


In Math’s we are concentrating on making sure we know all of our tables. Such a useful skill through the years. 


In our Computing work we continue to work hard to look after our laptops and other pieces of IT equipment around the school. 


In our everyday classwork we continue to concentrate on our ’Be’ statements — as School Parliament we try hard to be great role models for everyone at Mundy Junior School.

Our Role at Mundy Juniors:


Our Eco Minister oversees the Eco side of school. The minister helps the Eco CATS with litter picking (This includes checking our classrooms) and other Eco jobs around school. 


The Teaching and Learning Minister helps students be able to understand lessons and understand what the lesson is trying to teach them. They do this by discussing lessons with teachers to allow all students to thrive. 


The Sports Minister of Mundy C of E Junior School helps in aspects of sport. They help arrange competitions and sport related games inside of school. The Sports Minister also keep a keen eye on making sure we’re all using the equipment safety.  


Our Safeguarding Minister helps create a safe environment for us all to stay safe when learning and playing. This environment includes the local community and our beloved school. An example of this is making sure no equipment is broken or damaged so nobody could be hurt. 


The RE Minister leads our Monday collective worships and helps our School plan RE days and many more things about RE including helping plan collective worships. 

Our Finance Minister helps the school in choosing the things they need to use their money for to help the Teachers and Students in as many ways as possible. They also help students have fun using the money they spend but learn too. 


The Friendship Minister helps peoples friendships stay strong and helps the school decide what would be better for students to help their friendships thrive. 


Our Creative Arts minister helps organise the schools art lessons and helps students with art. They also help students understand art and figure out what art is to them.