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‘Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do’
1 Corinthians 16:14

RMC – (Resource Management Committee)

What does the Resource Management Committee do?


We as a committee are responsible for financial matters including health and safety and safeguarding. Our main duties are as follows: 


  • To prepare consider each year’s School Improvement Plan and budget plan and options for consideration and approval by the Governing Body.
  • To monitor the budget and make recommendations to the Governing Body for any in year changes.
  • To review the School Finance Regulations and Procedures annually and to make recommendations for changes and additions to the Governing Body.
  • To recommend virements between budget heads in excess of any delegation granted to the Headteacher and Business Manager under the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Responsibility up to £5000 over and above to Full Governing body meeting.
  • To consider and make recommendation to the Governing Body concerning any proposal involving recurring expenditure not provided for in the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  • To be responsible for contractual arrangements in respect of items approved by the Governing Body in accordance with  Financial Regulations including the placing and opening of tenders, obtaining quotes and recommendations to the Governing Body concerning acceptance.
  • To consider proposals involving additional expenditure from other committees and make recommendations to the Governing Body.
  • To make recommendations to the Governing Body on the financial aspects of the Governors’ Scheme of Financial Delegation.
  • To determine the arrangements and the scale of charges for the letting of school premises and other remissions.
  • To consider and give advice on any matter involving finance or financial management referred to by the Governing Body.
  • To ensure that the principles of Best Value are followed when making decisions. Paying particular attention to ring-fenced sums ie Pupil and Sport Premiums. Analysing in conjunction with the TLC the impact and effectiveness of implemented strategies.


What are our aims for this year?


  • to support the governors in the task to procure state-of-the-art ICT equipment
  • supporting the implementation of our School Improvement Plan ensuring that the school gets best value, value added and more importantly the best outcomes for our pupils.
  • ensuring the governors strategic plan is implemented and reflects the desired outcomes for pupils.
  • ensuring that Pupil Premium and Sport Premium are implemented effectively to ensure the best outcomes of disadvantaged and all pupils.
  • to ensure that the school is compliant with SFVS and has a successful Audit, produce an action plan and implement any changes
  • monitoring the budget and forecasting for future years. Ensuring that resources are deployed to best effect and as a result best outcomes of pupils.
  • Helping to inform the School Improvement Plan on a needs led and outcome basis
  • ensure that all staff are paid correctly and appropriately
  • to undertake Health and Safety Audits
  • to undertake Safeguarding Audits


How often do we meet?


We meet once per term. There may be occasions when we have to meet more frequently.


Which Governors are on the Resource Management Committee?


  • Mrs Mee
  • Mr Eyre
  • Mrs George