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Mundy CofE Junior School home page

Mundy C of E VC Junior School

‘Let love and kindness be the motivation behind all that you do’
1 Corinthians 16:14

School Clubs

Our Mundy Junior School Clubs


Breakfast Club

UPDATE - we need to inform you that our Breakfast Club is full throughout the week (if you have already booked  with the school office then your child has secured a place). We will let you know when there are any vacancies. Please see the office if you need any further information or assistance.

We provide a FREE Breakfast Club - Monday to Friday starting at 7.30am until the school day begins.  We ask that parents use our Weduc system to book their child onto their selected days. 



  • Provides a valuable service to children and parents
  • Ensures Children are well fed and ready to learn for the day ahead
  • Fosters healthy eating habits and social dining experiences
  • Develops social skills/Independence around mealtimes
  • Provides a safe/fun environment & a calm space for children to regulate their emotions
  • Gives children a chance to try a variety of healthy foods



  • Staffed by adults who are familiar to the children
  • Takes place within the school setting
  • Fully funded by school for all children 



  • Children function better in terms of behaviour/being able to concentrate
  • Peace of mind for parents knowing children are being cared for in an already familiar environment
  • Supporting families in a climate of busy work/school balance and rising costs of living 
  • Helps foster a positive relationship between parents and school




After School Clubs


Why do we run a variety of After School Clubs?

Answer - ...because our children love them! :)  Below is an example of the rationale behind our clubs we run straight after school until 4.30pm. 

Art Club


Basket Ball


Book Club 






Make Do and Mend


Homework Club


ECO Club


Year 6 SAT Club


Cookery Club